Another Wine Time Success


Another Wine Time Success
By Gary Lukatch
   How does WineTime do it? Their wine tastings just keep getting better and better. The wines are consistently wonderful, the tasting venues are always new and interesting and the participants nearly always number well into the hundreds. And May’s tasting was no exception.
   Held on May 20 at the brand-new Fuchsli wine cellar and restaurant, located on the banks of the Danube at Belgrád Rákpart 18, this event continued to meet the high standards anticipated by Wine Time crowds. The selection of jazzy whites and subtle reds from the wineries of Heimann Családi birtok (Szekszárd) and Béres Szőlőbirtok és Pincészet (Tokaj) dazzled the attendees with their bouquets and flavors.
   The evening opened with a Welcome drink of Sárga-Muszkotály from Béres, which tickled the palate and led us to look forward even more to the evening ahead. Two Béres whites followed, a Cuveé and a Furmint, then the Heimann cellars rang in with their mellow reds: Fuchsli, Kadarka, Cabernet Franc and Birtokbor. The tasting ended with another Béres offering of a Magita Cuveé, which rounded out the event nicely.
   Almost as popular as the wines were the appetizers offered by the Fuchsli restaurant. Homemade salamis, tangy small meaty ribs and smooth liver pate on toast points had people lining up for more, and were quickly devoured by amazed and pleased guests. It was generally acknowledged that this newly-opened restaurant would be the scene of many dinner visits in the near future.
   As always, these tasting are open to all connoisseurs of fine Hungarian wines. Upcoming events can be found on and registration information is provided. For local residents who have not yet attended one of these tastings, you owe it to yourself to check out the happenings at Wine Time’s special events; trust the opinions of those who have attended previous functions, you won’t regret it.