It's WineTime

by Gary Lukatch

WineTime, the newest local group to offer wine-associated events, made a winter splash with its latest tasting and social gathering on January 21st at Le Meridien hotel on Erzsébet Tér in the heart of Budapest. A brave crowd of around 75 attendees hurried through the icy streets to bask in the warmth of good wine and good fellowship.

For those few locals and expats who haven’t already heard about it, WineTime is a newly-established group formed to meet everyone’s wine needs, including tastings, dinners, customized tours and, believe it or not, team-building experiences. All of these functions and activities will be centered around — WINE!

WineTime is a club for Hungarian wine lovers. Every month, they will be hosting a wine tasting event at special locations around Budapest, featuring winemakers who are truly exceptional in their craft.  Their very first event, in November 2009, featured György Lőrinc of St. Andrea winery, who won the coveted Hungarian winemaker of the year award in 2009.  And now, the most recent event allowed participants to help WineTime celebrate the New Year in the company of ruby reds and good old friends, and, of course, to make some new friends. A business-card raffle drawing was a standard part of the evening, but an innovative blind tasting, with wine poured into black glasses (!), also drew aficionados to the table to see who among them really had an educated palate.

It was another special evening and everyone who attended enjoyed the wines, Le Meridien’s munchies and the special ambience created by Budapest’s newest entrant into the Wine Sweepstakes.

For more detailed information about this group, check out their website, in addition, check out their Facebook group. Looking forward to future WineTime events!

Link to event pictures

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